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The Business Blast is a short video profile which features a guided walking tour of a business you should know about. It is hosted by Bob Madden, and lasts approximately six minutes.  In it, he shows you around the business, and lets the owner or manager tell you about their product or service.  He makes it fun, interesting, and leaves you wanting more.

We have two versions. The Full-Blast is six minutes.  The Mini-Blast is 90 seconds to two minutes.

Now that we’ve introduced ourselves, come on in.....  take a look around.  Have fun surfing and shopping.  Most of all, enjoy your visit!  (Click photo for introduction video.)

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Business Blast Videos

Business Blast

If you don’t have the time to sample our actual Business Blast videos, and you’re interested to see a quick sample of what we do, check out this abbreviated short video.  It will give you an idea of style and pacing that makes The Business Blast unique. (Click Short Blast photo for video.)


Wanna go for a ride?  How 'bout a ride in the sky?  Because that's where you can go. If...  You fly A Grape Escape Hot Air Balloon Adventure.

This is how birds experience flight.  Quiet.  Free.  With only the wind to guide you. And the view!  It's like a live, three dimensional picture, but all around you, and moving in constant slow motion; the ultimate trip.  Floating over Temecula wine country IS the Grape Escape in our area.

Our pilot was co-owner Rusty Manning.  With years of flying experience, Rusty makes the flight enjoyable and entertaining.  He's a perfect high-flying host, as quick with an anecdote about the local area below as he is with a witty one-liner about the ups of ballooning.  There are no downs (exept for the landing).  And he's made sure all Grape Escape pilots double as friendly hosts.  Because you're their "guest" on your ride of a lifetime.  Fly A Grape Escape.  The sky is waiting!



Los Rios Rancho Apple Farm.  There's only one.

Up in the mountains of Oak Glen, just north of Beaumont, CA, this unique, rustic tourist destination is a perfect getaway from the city.  Up here the air is clear, the sky is blue, and the apples are plenty.  That's right.  It's an apple farm too.  And during Apple Season, you can pick your own, or buy by the bag.  Or just relax in their wide open fields.

And owner Devon Riley is the real deal:  A true country rancher who turned Los Rios into a modern, rural, recreational getaway.  Everything country:  Apple orchards, Apple pies, and Apple Cider.  Bar-B-Que, Hay Rides, Country Jamboree and Dinner ("Pickin & Chicken"), Gift shop, and Numerous Tours (school and otherwise).  And of course ALL KINDS OF APPLES!  Escape California, Come up to Los Rios!


This is great!  We’re finally touring one of the premiere wineries in Temecula.

I can’t tell you how excited I am they let us profile them.  Monte de Oro is an exquisite example of creating a unique and elegant experience for wine lovers - the casual, like me, and the connoisseur, like Ken Zignorski.

Ken is also the Manager of Monte de Oro, and our tour guide.  So check out our journey as he reveals this special gem rising above their vineyards.  The old world, mediterranean architechture feels quite modern and inviting.  His expertise is only marginally exceeded by his passion for wine.  And YOU will be impressed with the winery that reflects a love of that wine.  Syrah, anyone?





Why I love Monteleone Meadows:  Just look at it.


I’ve known Hennie Monteleone for several years, and was thrilled that she invited us in to profile her property.  It’s rustic charm, and natural outdoor beauty are a perfect setting for wedding receptions and other special social occasions.

But on top of all that, she’s SO friendly!  And easygoing, and down to earth.  If a business is truly a reflection of of the person that runs it, then you will have a wonderfully pleasant relationship - with Monteleone Meadows.  One that will be with you long after you’ve left.   Enjoy.





Welcome to Mulligan Family Fun Center!


Mulligan Family Fun Center is the best local amusement park center in our area.  It has many attractions for kids of all ages.  An arcade, batting cages, go-kart racing, lazer tag, rock wall, miniature golf, and a kiddie koral!  And their newest attraction:  Mulligan Waterworks, their waterpark!  This video shows all that and more.  If you're looking to have a birthday party or anniversary, they have a huge dining room, and a specially themed glow room.  Lots of fun!  Mulligan Family Fun Center in Murrieta, a fun place for your kids - AND you!


Welcome to Oak Tree Village!  A true family getaway if there ever was one.


Up in the mountains of Oak Glen, just north of Beamuont, CA, Oak Tree Village is big enough and small enough to be just that:  a little village all its own.  It's one of the most scenic recreation destinations in southern California, with all the things you might find in a small mountain village years ago, a simpler way of life.  But the to-do list at the "14 Acres of Family Fun" is long:  animal park, jumpers, train rides, pony rides, museum, and yes, trout ponds!  Plus everyone visits the legendary Apple Annie's Restaurant!  And...  you can shop!  In the one and only Artisan's Circle.

Our hostess and co-owner Terry Fox says it best:  "It's like the way it used to be".  And she works very hard to make sure it stays that way.  Watch their video to the right, and take a step back in time - in your own back yard.


Welcome to Pilgrim Pines Camp and Conference Center!


Nestled up in the beautiful hills of Oak Glen, just north of Beamuont, CA, Pilgrim Pines is 151 acres of cedars, pines, and oak trees.  It's a beautiful and serene setting for youth, adult, and family camps.  There are miles of hiking trails and plenty of recreational opportunities at Pilgrim Pines.  In this video, I interview Camp Director Cynthia Diggs, who tours us all around this wonderfully scenic, and inspiring property. 

It's quite clear this is a camp devoted to it's campers and customers in a truly spiritual way.  They want you to have a peacefull, fun, and enjoyable experience.  And if possible a life-changing one.  You definitely want to check out Pilgrim Pines.

Tom's Farm

So.  You'd like to see the Ramona Pageant.  Well, you've come to the right place. This is one of the most unique theatrical events you will ever see.  There's nothing like it in southern California.  It's an outdoor drama and love story with cowboys, indians, horses, music, dancers in costume, and some surprises in a setting you could only find in Hemet's Ramona Bowl.

We've captured the essence and feeling right here.  Director Dennis Anderson takes us on a tour of California's oldest outdoor play.  So step in to the 1850s for a few minutes, and preview the experience you will never forget.  

Then come to the San Jacinto Valley.  And experience it for yourself!

Haven't eaten at Shogun yet?  Do it!  Just do it.  It's a completely different dining experience.  The Shogun Restaurant in Temecula is located at the Promenade Mall, easy get to and very easy to enjoy.  Actually, it's more like a dining adventure: delicious Japanese cuisine prepared, cooked and served around the grill while you wait - and watch!  It's all delivered in a grand style.  

The Teppan chefs dazzle you with their Samarai-like swordsmanship, putting on quite a show with their cooking utensils, as they prepare a wide range of steaks, chicken, pork, shrimp, and more.  I'm not sure if there's a class for what they do, but you can see their talent on display in the video.  Our hostess, Amelia, is delightfully charming, and well versed in the art of Shogun.  It's all about "Irasshaimase", entertaining guests from the heart.  You'll find a lot of that at Shogun!

So step inside, and see for yourself:  you're fully entertained with a feast for your eyes, and served with a feast for your mouth.  

Say this with me:  "Family Fun Destination."  I’m quoting Dave Simon of course, Vice President & General Manager of Splash Kingdom at Pharaoh's, so he ought to know.  It’s true:  if you’re looking for a fun and affordable place to bring your family for some overall recreational fun, this is the place.  Pharaoh’s has been around for years, but they recently remodeled the park, added many new fun attractions, and rides, and topped it off with their new Splashin' Cafe!  


Arguably the highlight is their Beach Within Reach:  The Castaway Cove Wavepool! Additionally, they have six different and exciting water slides (which our cameraman went down!), two attraction pools (one for the kiddies), and my favorite:  The Riptide Surf Pool - where you can show off your surfing skills! 


And there’s more, including a little escape for dad, The Upperdeck Sports Lounge.  After the race cars, bumper boats, and miniature golf, dad’s going to long for a cool drink after all the fun.


Visit the Pharaoh!  He’s new again, and waiting for you again.

Tom's Farm

What can you say about Tom’s Farms?  “There’s nothing like it?”  "I love it?”  "When can I go back?”  Pick one.  One of my favorite destinations because of it’s unique attractions.  Let’s say you want to do something fun on a weekend - and go shopping too.  Answer:  The Farm!  Because it has SO many different businesses, vendors and amusements.  Which is why it’s perfect for adults AND kids.  Produce, restaurants, snack shops, amusement park rides, petting zoo.  And that’s just the start.  It even hosts a craft fair every weekend.  Relax, enjoy, play, shop. 

And in touring Tom’s Farms with Robert, the general manager, I think I discovered it’s secret:  It’s a modern, state-of-the-art facility with just the right dose of nostalgia running throughout to make any adult happy to feel like a kid again (at least for a while).  So Tom’s Farms is more than just a place - it’s a bit of an escape.  And that’s why I call it a Great Getaway! 


Welcome to the USS Midway Museum!


The USS Midway is docked in North San Diego Bay, and is an adventure waiting for the entire family.  Packed with history, archives, relics, and real aircraft, the USS Midway Museum is a sight to behold - and tour.  It has something for everyone.  There are exhibits, tours, simulators, and events throughout the year.  This video highlights Veteran's Day, and the Midway honors veterans with a book fair, Salute To Service Festival, and by being in the parade which passes right by the ship.  Check out the video to the right.  It's the right thing to do!  And enjoy the USS Midway - stll alive and kicking today!

Villa de Calabro

This is one of my favorite videos - and places.  Probably because of the ambience.  I’ve never seen anything quite like it before.  A mini-winery and wine-tasting room in the middle of Old Town Temecula, from the outside, it's so unassuming.

Then step inside.  And it’s like Oh!  Then Ooh!  Then (pause) Ahh.  “I’ll take a white Zin, please”.  So much tender loving care was taken to create the mediterranean flavor.  Lots of wine-themed eye candy to look at, and delicious varietals to enjoy in the comfortable atmosphere it creates.

And co-owner Kathy is so friendly and inviting.  All the workers there just want you to relax and enjoy yourself.  Don’t forget to check out winemaker-turned-olive oil maker Mike Calabro!  Dipping your bread in his many olive oils is an additional benefit of stopping by Villa di Calabro.  Which you can do right now.